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JUICES: Pommegrenade, Pineapple, Papaya, Orange, Sweetlime, Watermelon, Chikoo, Banana, Mix Fruit

Aloe Vera 40cc
Wheat Grass 40cc
Carrot Cleanser (carrot, tumeric, honey)
Diamond Detox (fresh aloe, mint, ginger, tumeric, honey)
Crazy Coconut (super nutrient, spirulina with fresh coconut water, honey)
Apple or Carrot
ABC (apple, beetroot, carrot)
Full Power (banana, kiwi, strawberry, egg yield)
Eye Bright (carrot, milk or soya)
Vitamina (beetroot, carrot, parsley, glove, olive oil)
Pomodoro Strong (tomato, lime, celery, tobasco)
Red Boom (mango, papaya, strawberry)
Fresh Breeze (mint, lime, sugar, crashed ice)
Healthy Spice (watermelon, mint, ginger)
Citrus Sunrise (orange, lime, grenadine, angastura)
Fruity Spice (orange, lime, ginger, soda, strawberry sirup)
Fruit Tea (black tea, orange, soda, raspberry sirup)

KOMBUCHAS: (miracle russian drink cures cancer & detoxifies your body)
Classico (organic black tea with raw palm sugar)
Gingerade (fresh white ginger with a hint of honey)

One Love (passion fruit, vanilla beans, milk, honey)
Pineapple Delight (blended fresh pineapple, coconut or soya milk)
Strawberry Dream (strawberry, honey, milk – best for balancing blood pressure)
Chocolate Town (vanilla ice-cream, rich thick cacao, wild honey)

Chocolate, Coffee, Almond, Banana, Papaya, Strawberry, Mango & any of your choice

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