Wholesome foods, uniquely relaxing space, excellent service

We hope you will find these to be the hallmarks of your visit to the original German Bakery in Anjuna.

Let our organic health food menu rejuvenate you whilst you relax and enjoy your stay in our beautiful gardens.

Each Wednesday after the market we have an evening of music and entertainment with some of the most talented artists that pass through Goa at this time of year.

We take great pride in the sourcing of our ingredients and their preparation

  • Many of our grains are organically grown and imported directly from the Himalayas
  • All Juices and shakes are freshly made without adding water, ice or sugar.
  • Our ice is made from safe purified water, you are welcome to refill your water bottles from our purifier near the entrance
  • If you have any special diet requirements or would like any dish prepared in a different way, you can ask your waiter
  • We do not use any food colourings or artificial flavourings, also we do not serve chemical soft drinks.

Internet Access

You are welcome to one free hour internet access, just enough time to check in with life outside Goa. Ask your waiter for a token.

If you are enjoying your time here and would like more online access, share your appreciation on the social interweb and get a free internet pass for the day.

If you would like to spend more time here working or being creative online we offer dedicated higher access speeds with prices by the hour, day or week. As your waiter for more details.

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