Good Morning

CEREALS: buckwheat,amaranth,oats (water,milk or soya milk)

Porridge with Fruits & Nuts
Porridge with Apple & Cinnamon
Plain Muesli (Bowl)
Muesli Curd Fruits & Nuts (home made)
Fruit Salad (plain,with curd,strawberry sirup)
Yogurt (plain,strawberry/mango)
Scrambled Tofu/Paneer (plain or veg with choice of slice bread)
Mexican Avocado Dip
Luxury Morning Croissant  (toasted filled with scrambled egg cheese, grilled tomato & fresh tomato)
MacroBiotic Breakfast Bowl (brown rice filled with steamed veggies,tofu,roasted seed with tahini lemon sauce)

SANDWICHES: MultiGrain,Baguette,GlutenFree (or your choice)
Grilled Vegetables & Feta Cheese (served hot on  open side of bread)
Pesto Chicken (grilled chicken,pesto,sun dried tomato)
Seafood (prawns,calamari,tuna,lettuce,cucumber,parsley,mayo/mustard)
Tuna (tuna steak,lettuce,sun dried tomato,cucumber,mayo/mustard)
Mushroom (mushroom fried with onion,tomato & herbs)
Cheese (swiss cheese,mozzarella,cheddar,feta)

TWO EGGS ANY STYLE:                     ADD:       

Boiled                                                              Cheese
Fried                                                                Mushroom
Scrambled                                                      Vegetable
Poached                                                         Cream Cheese
Omelet                                                            Feta

EXTRAS: avocado dip, coconut chutney, herbal/garlic cheese, kalamata olives, herbs       


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