Main Course

Tofu Cashew Nut Curry (served with brown rice)
Tofu Balls Parsley Potato Mustard Gravy & Salad
Tofu as Goulash Stroganoff Manchurian
Roasti Potato Fried Egg Mustard Souce & Salad
Paprika stuffed with Paneer & Veg Rice & Tomato Souce
Broccoli Cheese Souce
Cauliflower Cheese Souce
Crispy Eggplant with Spicy Tomato Souce
Steam Vegetable with Lemon Tahini Souce

Spinach Mushroom, Tofu, Whole Wheat, Mexicano, Chips & Salad or Plain

PASTAS: penne, spagetti, tagliatelle & home made buckwheat & spinach
Alla Crema co Broccoli
Con Funghi Spinach (spinach mushroom cream souce)
Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (garlic, chilli, pepper, olive oil)
Con Milanzane e Mozzarella (eggplant & cheese)
Alla Tonno e Pomodoro (tuna, tomato, basil)
All Triestina (prawns toss in white bussara/tomato souce)
Ravioli Con Ricotta e Spinaci (stuffed Pasta in Pesto Souce)

Small Sized Spagetti (with tomato or butter or cheese souce)
Baby Fish (kingfish or pomfret with mashed potato & honey mustard souce)
Tofu or Chicken cooked in a Cream Souce (with brown rice & beans)

Babyccino (steamed milk with a lof of foam & cookie)
Orange Juice (small, no sugar, no ice)
Cacao (milk & chocolate)
Millet Pudding (goan tradition)
Strawberry Smoothie

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