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Wednesday 25th February – Kabako with Jyoti and Jiva

The show that everyone has been waiting for, Jyoti and Jiva performing for the first time together this season at the German Bakery.

If you have seen these two perform before you will know what a great show to expect, if not then you are in for a treat, masters of dance and mystical movements with the tribal trance beats of Kabako.

Get here early for the best seats or book a table in advance by calling into the Bakery.

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99% better than all other water?

mulshi-glass-bottleWe work hard to source the finest local organic products and are very happy to have found this unique water from nearby Maharashtra.

Mulshi is a natural spring water.

These little words add up to a pretty big thing. Spring water is one of nature’s neatest tricks. This water trickles through layers of earth, picking up all its finest minerals in the process and finds a way to gush to the earth’s surface when it is at its best. Because of its meandering path in its quest to reach the surface, it journeys through the richest parts of the earth’s mantle, carrying with it nature’s most precious ingredients.

This is different from other waters – packaged waters are merely purified so they are safe for consumption. Mineral waters are enhanced with minerals to make up for any loss of components that a basic water should have. Their journeys are either too quick or too artificial for them to intimately know the earth’s best kept secrets.

Spring water – now that’s a whole other thing. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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