Chai Town


Royal Green (a power green tea high in anti-oxidant)
Tulsi Queen (holly basil with restorative powers and stress relief)
Twinnings Buddha (classic smoth flavor blend of finest Assam)
Recharge (a reviving blend with blackcurrants,ginseng,echinacea,hibiscus)
Chamomile (organicly grown in himalayas good for everything)
Gigner Lemon Honey (every lovers loves it)
Darjeeling (classical fragnance of India)
Lemon Grass Tea (natural grass help for digestion)
Rose Hip (wild plant growing in Himalaya / hot or ice)
Chai (mix of secret spices we are using for epoch)

COFFEE & ESPRESSO:                                                        EXTRAS:

Espresso                                                                                        Soya Milk
Americano                                                                                     Dairy Milk
Cappuccino (hot or ice)                                                              Honey
Cafe Late (hot or ice)                                                                   Ice-Cream
Cardamon Coffee

Classic Hot Cacao
Hot Milk
Hot Milk Spirulina


Strawberry French Toast (stuffed with sweet cheese & mint)
Mango French Toast (stuffed with mango cream cheese)
Cinnamon French Toast (cream cheese covered honey & palm sugar)
Fried Apple Pancake
Grated Potato Pancake with Apple Pure
Jamaican Pancake (banana,cinnamon,brandy,nuts,cacao)
Choco Banana Honey

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